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June 5th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

I wish I had gotten picked for a criminal case. Somehow a minor personal injury case just feels like a waste of my talent as a juror. Especially when the key point of the case is who had the green light.

Now I shouldn’t be talking about a case before it’s over, and we’ve only had one day in court, and I’ve already heard “objection” way too many times. The plaintiff’s lawyer must have raised a dozen objections during the defense’s opening statement, and in all but one instance, was overruled. It felt like Mr. On-Contingency was shotgunning it a bit, objecting to every sentence, hoping to catch a few.

One whole day in court, sans breaks for various things, including a long lunch. What do we get to hear? Opening statements. Time for lunch. Then the plaintiff is questioned by his counsel. Then we break. Then we find out they’ve settled.

Damn it. We were had. Pawns in a legal game of brinksmanship! And I was taking notes, damn it! I even made a fine doodle of the judge scolding counsel for the plaintiff. And all of it was for nothing.

Frankly, from what little I saw and heard, the whole thing sounded very, very weak. I think someone just did the math: running time of case is five days. So pay the guy the cost of what we’d pay the lawyers for less than that, and call it a day. Seems a bit like blackmail to me, frankly.

So I’m done with jury duty. And the lesson I take away from this experience is I should probably sue the next person to bump me with their Mercedes. And I know just the lawyer to call now.

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