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May 20th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

The weekend was lively, with guests breezing in on Saturday, keen to partake in some of the city’s more unusual sites that >Conny and I know and love so well. The agenda was short but to the point: shopping, nightlife and dining out.

Gracious guests often bring a small token of appreciation, but our guests went all out, bringing a handcrafted basket of kinky goodness. Even the basket, woven from a long length of rope, suitable for a fine shibari harness, was made by the clever hands of our visitors.

Seeing as we were on a rather tight schedule, we did the nightlife thing on Saturday, getting a peek at Abby’s new gig Womb at the club Remote. Remote’s gimmick is robo-voyeurism, with cameras and monitoring consoles through out the club. You can spy on people, switching your point of view from camera to camera, and even controlling the camera with a joystick. Handsets are provided in case you want to say “hi” to the person you are looking at, or you can just listen in. The Womb party is downstairs at Remote, and only has a few cameras and two consoles, but because we came early, we scored one. This allowed us to check out the action upstairs, as well as try to scare any other patrons with the misfortune of selecting a camera pointed at us.

We came too early to get a good feel for this new party, but we liked the space and the music, so the girl and I will find our way back there some Saturday night.

Next stop was Paddles, which was full of people, but not much play. Still plenty to look at, and I don’t think our guests were bored.

Sunday was shopping day, though it turns out more for Conny View definition in a new window and I, and less for our guests. While they got their first corset, Conny and I got a few choice things to wear, including some PVC pants for her.

We also picked up our very own HotBoxx which is a toy for electrosex, something we’re both really interested in. The price tag of these gadgets (and the required accessories) has always deterred us before, but I’m still giddy with financial recklessness, so we took the plunge.

In case you’re wondering, electrosex is when you use small amounts of electric current to provide erotic stimulation. You attach a few things to your partners intimate areas, and press a button and the fun begins. More details on this soon.

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