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May 16th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Some things I recently learned:

  • The Philips Pronto remote is pretty slick if you’ve got the time and inclination to set it up right. We replaced all our remotes with it.
  • Do not buy a refurbished Philips Pronto remote. Apparently the last batch of the original Prontos (TS-1000 series) was bad, bad, bad. Philips had oodles of returns, and “refurbished” them, and sold them at a steep discount. This refurbishing processes seems to involve nothing more than putting the defective unit back in the box. We got about three days of unified remote control bliss with ours before it went tits up.
  • Philips web site is the pits.
  • Philips customer support is the pits.
  • J&R’s customer support is great. They took the unit back, even though I had optimistically thrown out the box. Yeah, yeah, I should know better, but it’s a small apartment. Since they didn’t have any more to sell, they gave me a store credit.
  • The Philips Neo Pronto, which was only about $50 more than the refurbished Pronto has a better physical design (narrower, lighter, more “hard” buttons), but is a little flaky compared to the Pronto, and more difficult to set up.

If you have too many remotes, and are a bit of a hacker, the Pronto remotes can do magic. But be prepared to invest a bit of time and effort in setting these uber-gizmos up. The ability to design and program the interface of your remote control via your PC is a guaranteed time-suck for the tweak-minded.

And that would be me.

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