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May 9th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

I finally got to surprise >Conny with our much belated anniversary gift to each other. Even though we talked about it some months ago on our anniversary, she didn’t know I finally ordered it. She figured it out when she saw the size of the box though.

We now are the proud owners of a Tetruss, probably one of the larger kink toys you could get. It’s basically a giant tripod made out of tubular aluminum that we can use to suspend each other from. In about five minutes we can set it up and begin our mischief. When we’re done, it comes apart, goes into a bag, and goes under the bed.

The picture, borrowed from the Tetruss site, gives you an idea of what it looks like, and what you can do with it. There’s more information about the Tetruss at this site, but realize that following that link will take you to an site meant for adults, and kinky ones at that.

Other than a quick test assembly, we’ve yet to put it to proper use. Too much furniture chaos at the apartment. But soon… Soon…

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