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May 7th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

I have been unable to heed the siren call of my new iMac beckoning me to bury my head in PHP, other than a brief but productive stint about a week ago. Assembling furniture takes precedence, unfortunately. Now my dreams take the form of wordless, black and white numbered diagrams, and revolve around the use of an allen wrench. This is the curse of IKEA.

When the dust settles, and we drag all the torn-apart cardboard from the apartment, the place will be a paragon of organization and efficiency, though. Not only will we have a place to put all the kink toys, but I’ll have a much better place to work on the iMac, including the novelty of a real desk chair. All the electronic gear by the obscenely large television will no longer an eyesore. The books that are piled up on the windowsill will be placed on proper shelves. We will no longer live like urban savages. Or at least our apartment will look like we’re not urban savages.

Now I have to get back to pounding nails as quietly as I can at 11:30 at night.

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