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May 3rd, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Last Wednesday, >Conny and I hustled on down to >T.E.S. presentation on predicament bondage. This is a topic which has strong appeal to me, because it’s a real mindfuck.

What is predicament bondage? It’s just what it sounds like. It’s about restraining someone in such a way that they are in a predicament.

Here’s a fine example of this idea, which was used in the presentation. A number of clothespins are attached to a rope. This is called a zipper in >SM parlance. The idea is you attach the clothespins to tender bits of flesh, like along an arm or leg. It smarts a bit, but it’s not too bad, and eventually the feeling fades a bit. The real drama comes when someone takes the end of the cord and pulls them all off at once.

Zip! Ow! Ow! Ow!

Now you know where the name “zipper” comes from.

A zipper can be used all by itself in a scene, but in the demonstration we saw it used in predicament bondage. The person being restrained had a zipper applied to the length of his arm. The end of the zipper cord is attached to a fixed point on the ceiling. The catch is that person has to hold their arm straight out. Starting to lower his arm, he’d find the tension on the zipper cord would increase, thus causing the clothespins to tug more and hurt more. But a person can only hold an arm out for so long. Eventually fatigue starts to set in. At some point, it becomes obvious to the person in this predicament that they are going to have to pull the zipper off themselves…

Other predicament bondages put people in awkward positions, where either one group of muscles is under stress, or another. Any time clamps are attached to a fixed point above a person, you can make the cord short enough so the person has to stand on his or her toes to keep the clamps from biting more. But it gets really hard to stand on your toes for any length of time. So you have to alternate between struggling to stand on your toes, or feeling the sharper bite of clamps somewhere sensitive.

It’s all about diabolical laziness. The person doing the predicament bondage wants to put the >bottom into a situation where the bottom will torment themselves.

Some forms of male genital bondage are basic types of predicament bondage. Arousal in the constraints of the bondage, creates discomfort. So pleasure leads to pain, which short circuits the pleasure. Pleasure subsides, as does the pain. Repeat.

As I said, it’s a real mindfuck.

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