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April 29th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Being geeky and being kinky have one thing in common: a significant part of my pleasure is derived from the use of my gear. And also in both cases, it doesn’t take long before you accumulate a lot of crap. This is slightly less of an issue if you have a nice big house. In a Manhattan apartment, however, it can rapidly become a crisis.

A while back, >Conny and I agreed to acquire no new toys of the kink variety, because we found we weren’t using the ones we have as much as we’d like. The primary problem was one of access and organization. It’s a big scene damper to be rummaging through a drawer looking for the right gag or the right cord for doing cock bondage. We are also in dire need of a night table with a drawer to hold some of the essentials needed for spontaneous down n’ dirty stuff. It’s a drag to have to get up out of bed and find the tube of lube and lay my hands on a glove or a condom. It’s a mood breaker.

A trip to Ikea was the affordable solution to these problems for us. Soon we’ll have places to put stuff, without being completely tacky and having lots of hooks all over the walls with whips and ropes hanging from them. Just because we’re both “out” doesn’t mean we want our bedroom to be an eyesore, or the stuff of nightmares for our more conservative visitors.

There’s no point in acquiring a bunch of kinky toys if you can’t get at them when you want them. If they are buried away in the back of a drawer, or hidden in a box in the closet, they’ll never get used. Better to have a handful of essential gear, right at the ready, then a giant collection of kinky toys and gizmos stored in the attic. Unless, of course, your attic is also a play room too. That can work.

I’m looking forward to having the new kink wardrobe set up, just for the dramatic effect of opening the doors to display the contents. The inspirational effect alone will be worth it.

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