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April 24th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

I do not like Apple Mail. >Conny does not like Apple Mail. We are both stuck with Apple Mail, though, because there are limited options for email clients for OS X.

I’m not going to do Eudora, because each time I really tried to like Eudora, I couldn’t overlook what a clunky program it is. And after reading Doc* struggling with Eudora on OS X, I’m really scared of it.

I’d love to do Microsoft Entourage, which is a beefed up, OS X native version of Outlook Express. The only way to get Entourage is buy Microsoft Office X. I don’t want Microsoft Office. I want Entourage. I cannot justify spending $450 for an email client, or if I do things totally on the up and up, and buy one for both Conny View definition in a new window and I, that’s $900.

I would pay $50 for Entourage, maybe even $80. But I can’t.

Thanks, Microsoft. Once again, Microsoft demonstrates how you can use a bundle to twist customers arms and limit choices: “Yes, we know Apple gives out AppleWorks now, which for most people is more than they need, so they’ll never buy Office. But Apple Mail sucks, and we’ll make you buy Office to get a replacement! HA HA HA HA! Gotcha!”

Fuckers. This is the type of thing which causes piracy. If you don’t make your product available at a reasonable price in a reasonable way, be it music singles or software, people will find another way. And while I’m not saying stealing is morally justified in such a circumstance, it makes me a lot less sympathetic to the companies that feel they are being ripped off.

*<rant> I remember reading of Doc’s horror stories with Eudora, but he doesn’t have a search function on his site, nor is it easy to browse a Userland/Radio/Whatever-you-call-it weblog, and Google hasn’t indexed his page since February, thus I can’t easily find a link to it. I have never understood the appeal of any weblog that exclusively uses a calendar to link to entries, as if someone coming to the site to look for something is going to know the day the entry was made. If I knew the day the entry was made, I’d have the damn link. At least with Blogger set to monthly archives (don’t get me started about the perils of weekly Blogger archives), it’s possible to quickly browse many entries at once. A click-per-day archive like Doc has seems to be a usability gaff, especially in the case of a first time visitor who wants to “catch up”. Either get a local search function, or make it easy to browse the archives, or ideally both.

All this foaming at the mouth reminds me that I really, really want to make a script to order my archives chronologically as the default. Am I the only one in the blogging universe that thinks chronological order archives (earliest first, latest last) make the most sense? Reverse chronological makes sense for the main blog page, but not the archives. Gotta fix that.

Anyway, Doc, get a search function please.</rant&gt

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