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April 18th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

If I’m going to participate in a blog review circle jerk, there’s nothing like knowing I’m in the hands of a friend.

Thanks, Tim. That’s got to be the best review $20 can buy. More reviewers should take PayPal, in my opinion. At least people who review me, in any case.

(I have to make a silly joke, because I’m much too embarrassed by his kind words to know what the right thing to say is, other than maybe “thank you.”)

I’m wondering if the woman I reviewed decided not to hold up her end of this circle of blogular back scratching, since she’s yet to post a review of anything. When Rasmus posts the full listing, I’ll be curious to know if she got to ride along free on the dishonor system. Perhaps she wrote the review and submitted it to review site, but declined to post it, which somewhat defeats the purpose of the exercise.

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