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April 15th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

It’s official. Every telecom company I’ve ever worked for has tanked. I’m two for two.

Now my plan is to get hired by Sprint, so I can make them tank too, because we all know, Sprint sucks.

At least FLAG had science-fiction author Neal Stephanson write a lovely (and huge) piece about the FLAG project in Wired magazine. I remember how cool we all felt back then when it hit the newsstands. Neal made the project out to be the real Luke Skywalkers of the telecom industry.

Unfortunately, looks like the Empire won.

Death Star Economy: 1

Luke Skywalker Telecom: 0

At least there’s a lot of fine fiber under the ocean now going for a song. Bandwidth, anyone?

Fun trivia: FLAG stands for Fiberoptic Link Around the Globe. For some reason, “Fiberoptic Link Around the World” got shot down. Go figure.

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