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April 14th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

It’s not every day a get a desperate plea for help in my inbox.

From: david junior

Date: Mon Apr 08, 2002 04:12:50 PM US/Eastern



ATTN : Alex Shaffer

Compliment of the season to you. I know that this latter will come to you as a surprise. I got your contact from Chamber of Commerce, when I was searching for a foreign partner who will handle this fund very well for an investment purpose. with full hope that you are capable to assist me in this mutual transaction. and a choice of your Country.

I am DAVID DIARA from Sierra Leon. The son of late Chief Dr. USMAN DIARA, I must confess my agitation and my word is my bond.

My late Father Chief Dr. USMAN DIARA deposited two trunk boxes that contains US$33 million with a security company here in CÙte díIvoire. and registered it as African Art work belonging to his foreign business partner who will coming for the release and export to Abroad. He stated it like this for a security purpose.

Chief Dr. USMAN made this money when he was a personal confidant to the Rebel Leather Chief FODAY SANKOH, during the Crisis in my country. You can confirm this from (CNN) or (BBC) net work news.

Please, I ask for you to focus your mind in this transaction for this is free risk, and it is real and never a joke.

I am here with my Mother and my younger once. We need your assistance as followings : (1) To stand as my late Fatherís foreign business partner who is the beneficiary of this consignment for the release of the boxes. (2) To assist the release and the transfer of the fund to your Country for investment. (3) To locate a lucrative blue chip business that doeís not required too much expertise for the investment of this money.

Please, as soon as you find this possible to assist me in the requested items, fell free to contact me, with your private Tel./Fax numbers to enable me send to you the followings documents via your Fax line. (1) The deposit certificate (2)The agreement made on the day of the deposit (3)My late Father WILL PROOF Legally for this transaction.

Remember to respond with the followings as soon as your are interested. (1)Your full name and the contact address. (2)Your private Tel/Fax numbers. All this I will submit to the security company for immediate change of ownership and onward release of the consignment.

I offer to give you 10% of the total money above after the release of the consignment for your noble assistance.

Please, keep as confidential for the security of this transaction and our Dear Life. Waiting for you urgent response.

Best regards DAVID DIARA

Sounds like the poor guy is really in a bind. I mean, he’s willing to pay a lot of money for help, so he must be in a really difficult situation. Ever the samaritan, I decide to step up to the plate.

From: Alex Shaffer

Date: Tue Apr 09, 2002 01:22:36 AM US/Eastern

To: david junior


Dear Mr. Diara:

I’d really like to help. I mean, that’s why I have a web site, to help people. And you really sound like you need it. Offering 10% of $33 million is a lot of money. I don’t think I’d feel right taking all that. If you need help, you shouldn’t have to pay for it. I’d be happy to help you out for nothing.

So whatever you need, you just let me know.

— Alex

I can’t take the money of someone in need, after all. I think he appreciated this.

From: david junior

Date: Tue Apr 09, 2002 10:37:39 AM US/Eastern










I can see he’s tense, from the all caps. But I’ve never been good at calling international long distance, so I ran into my first problem.

From: Alex Shaffer

Date: Tue Apr 09, 2002 09:36:49 PM US/Eastern

To: david junior


Dear Mr. Diara (can I call you David?):

I tried calling that number, and I had some problems. It seems like there’s too many numbers. Usually phone numbers have 10 digits, but yours has 14. I figure the two zeros on the front are causing a problem. If I dial a zero first, won’t I get the operator?

I’m trying to do this quickly, because it sounds like you’re really in a bad way. Maybe it’ll be better if you call me? Could we do that? Or do you have ICQ? I find ICQ very useful. And fun!

I didn’t notice the first time, but you mentioned you got my address from a Chamber of Commerce. That got me thinking that maybe you mean a different Alex Shaffer. I’d hate to be wasting your time, since it sounds like you need someone who knows international business, and not some guy who got lucky once with tech stocks! There’s a reason I retired early, I just hated working! Ha ha ha! Anyway, If you tell me what Chamber of Commerce you were looking in, maybe I can make some calls here in the states and find the guy you’re looking for.

In any case, I personally am still committed to helping you fight the unjust situation you and your poor mother are in. I know how I felt after I lost my dad, so I can sympathize. And if my children and wife were unable to get at all the money I’ve saved for years after I die, and no one would help them, well, I just can’t imagine what type of world we’d be in where that would happen.

I’ll try calling again, but if I can’t figure it out, maybe there’s a way you could call me? Let me know. I’m sorry for the delay, David. Hang in there!

— Alex

It’s been days since I heard from him now. I just hope he’s alright.

Phone numbers and emails are munged. Do not try this at home.

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