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April 12th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

The crackheads at Samsung are suing Sony for digitally replacing one of their billboards from scenes shot in Times Square in the upcoming release “Spiderman”.

“We think it’s inappropriate to substitute your own image for the one that exists,” Anthony Costantini, a lawyer for building owners Sherwood 48 Associates, told the Daily News in Thursday’s editions.

I hear the City of New York is considering suing Sony as well, for using digital effects to place a web slinging superhero in various locations in Manhattan.

“We think it’s inappropriate to depict a superhero in our city, when there really isn’t one,” said Mayor Mike Bloomburg. “Tourists might expect to see Spiderman on a visit, or people may anticipate his aid during a crime. And it also makes the cops lazy if they think a superhero is going to pick up their slack.”

If Sony doesn’t want to put a free plug in their film for their competitor, too bad. It’s their movie, and it’s fiction, for crying out loud. You can’t sue anyone for not putting something into a fictional movie, especially a stupid billboard.

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