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Bitchcakes: a Review

April 10th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Writing a review of a blog is a perilous conceit. I should have remembered this before I signed up for the Peer-To-Peer Blog Review, which I did in a moment of weakness and caffeine induced hallucinations. I woke up with a pounding headache and the shame of realizing I opted in to a blogging circle jerk.

They project organizers assigned me a blog to review. I’ll admit I was worried I’d get assigned to review a site by an e.e. cummings wannabe who eschews the shift and return keys because such conventions are only bourgeois constraints on creativity and expression. That, and there would be lots and lots of bad poetry and cryptic inside references, and I’d be doomed.

Let’s face it, savaging a blog is too easy. I didn’t want to do that. My own corner of the web is a sitting duck of self indulgence. And therein lies the dilemma of reviewing a blog: it’s like reviewing a person. It’s personal. What is one persons delight is another’s torture.

But, I’m pleased to say, I got lucky. I was introduced to “Bitchcakes,” a blog by Ally Kearney. And, much to my delight, besides articulate and funny writing about music and life in the city, she enjoys the frequent use of the shift and return keys. And no poetry.

First, the nits, to get them out of the way: The site plumbing is a bit creaky, with current posts still linking to the defunct “BlogVoices” for discussions (and this dead link bogs down page load, unfortunately). The site also likes to open up windows. Lots of windows. Not pop-ups, thank God, but it seems every link opens a window. In trying to paw my way through the archives (and I do like her “archive titles”, clever bit that, might steal borrow it,) I found myself awash in a windows, one for every week of archives.

But that’s pretty much the worst I can say.

The writing? I mean, that’s the important part of a blog, all that other HTML crap is secondary. Well, it’s brilliant.

But, I have to say that, because:

  • What do I know about music criticism? I know I chuckled at what she wrote, and I’m a music moron. So the writing has got to be good.
  • Her review of “Lord of the Rings” is spot-on. Well, spot-on with my assessment. Great minds and all that.
  • She’s lives in New York City, damn it. How can I not like her?
  • She started blogging the same month I did: September 2000. We’re practically blog twins.
  • She’s probably got a bigger audience than me
  • She can probably send a bunch of burly rock and roll guys over to my place to kick my ass

That being said, it’s a great blog. Really. Call off the goons, Ally. Please. I need those teeth.

All threats of violence aside, I did enjoy reading her site. It’s definitely a site to visit if you appreciate music like Ally does. Or if you appreciate New York City like Ally does. Or if you just want a good chuckle and some fine writing. I know that’s why I go back.

I did neglect to mention one other nit. It’s a shame she doesn’t post more often.

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