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New York City meets Munich


April 9th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Conny View definition in a new window’s return to Munich, a visitor who needs a night on the town, daylight savings time, sleep schedule gone horribly awry, and a foul bug in the gut… A perfect recipe for blogstipation. Feeling much better now, thank you. Must have been the extra fiber in the discussions that helped.

My dilemma is my creativity is shaped by laziness, and tempered by procrastination. But laziness isn’t about not making an effort, it’s about avoiding tedium. A perfect example of this is dinner: my colander is dirty, sitting in the dishwasher which hasn’t run because it’s not full yet. I am trying to conserve water and energy, like a good citizen should. And I also keep forgetting to start the dishwasher too. I remembered the dirty colander just before my tortelini was done, and I needed to drain the pot.

Yes, I only have one colander. This is a New York City apartment kitchen, I can’t be wasting precious cabinet space on a spare colander. Perhaps you people out west or upstate have a different colander for every day of the week, but here in New York City, we just have to make do.

Now, I could hand wash the dirty colander, but that would be tedious. I could just use the slightly dirty colander, but that is too disgusting, even for me. Instead, I discovered that a slotted spatula could be used to lift a few tortelini at a time out of the pot of hot water.

So that’s what I did: Scoop. Scoop. Scoop.

It took more time and more energy than if I had washed the colander, I’ll admit. But I avoided the unpleasant task of washing dishes, and instead, had the novel challenge of seeing how many tortellini could lift out of the pot at a time. Cooking dinner became a game. Fun and delicious!

Sad, I know, but true. Don’t worry, Conny will be back soon, and she’ll be sure I take my medication.

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