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March 27th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

My ex-wife is going away on a trip to Paris, lucky lady. Guess who’s left to look after the kid?


“Could you?” she asks. “It would be a big help.”

Of course, of course, I say. It’ll be good to see the little monster. “Just remember to bring the cage,” I tell her.

So now I’m looking after Kokomo, a Goffins cockatoo. She had the feathered terror before I met her, and when we separated, we thought it best she keep him. He’s pretty entertaining, cute as hell, but a lot of work. A week of him will be just about right. After that it gets messy.

I introduced Koko to Nibbles. I should have filmed it. Nibbles was oblivious, but he’s just a hamster. I’m pleased to say the kids get along just fine, and I’ll share my parenting advice to you all: keep everyone in seperate cages and you’ll have no problems.

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