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March 20th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Perhaps a more typical couple would snuggle in bed while being gently amused by some late night television. She would lie nestled at his side, in the crook of his arm, with her head on his chest and slowly drift off to sleep. He would foolishly watch until the credits finally rolled, finally tapping the button on the remote that would silence and darken the already very quiet television. He’d glance at the clock, and realize he should have gone to bed earlier, damn it.

Instead of watching television, >Conny and I drag the laptop in bed. She curls up next to me, and currently we play Heroes of Might and Magic Complete. Earlier, it was Tropico. Yes, this geek couple plays computer games in bed together. She enjoys watching and offering me valuable advice that keeps me from getting my ass kicked. Inevitably, she falls asleep though, leaving me to fend for myself. And equally as inevitably, I play until I finish the scenario, either by winning or losing. And it’s not that I’m inconsiderate, it’s that there’s no need to turn the sound off. She blissfully sleeps through the music and sound effects, and even the loud “click click” of the Powerbook trackpad button, which in the dark and quiet of wee hours seems like someone hammering. She doesn’t even budge.

Yet no matter how quietly I do it, she always stirs when I shut down and close the laptop. It’s really the closing of the laptop that does it. Even when I’m careful and make almost no noise while doing it, that little “snap” causes her to look up briefly, say “Good night” and roll over. There’s no escaping it.

How quietly does the Titanium Powerbook close? Maybe I need to upgrade.

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