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March 15th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

As the Blogger sensei Phil Ringnalda gently observes, links which require JavaScript are bad. That’s why I’m pleased to finally fix the comment links so that JavaScript isn’t needed for those links to work. That means those links work like normal links now, except that if you so happen to have JavaScript, you’ll get a new window. Much, much nicer. Now Google can index the discussions too, so more Nosuch garbage can choke that fine search engine.

I did take the extra step of scrambling email addresses in those discussions so that spam-bots won’t be able to harvest them. I know it’s probably not a perfect solution, but it’s better than nothing.

Any Nosuch affiliates who want me to make the change, just let me know via email, and I’ll tweak your template accordingly. Or just peek at the source for this page and do it yourself.

Here at Nosuch, we’re always working hard to find trivial ways to incrementally improve the site, because twiddling bits is my idea of a good time. We’d never be like some of those other sites that let JavaScript errors languish for ages and ages, even though kindly visitors have sent in the fix. But, I’ve never had a very healthy set of priorities.

Next tweak will be XML. This won’t be a visible change except that you’ll be able to sort archives in either direction, as well as some other neat archive magic. Do notice that I attach no timeframe to this endeavor. I’m learning.

And even though I’m using Blogger Pro, republishing archives is still like trying to flush a cantaloupe down a toilet. It’s a frustrating process, involving repeated attempts and a lot of aggravation. Only through a lot of determination and force of will can you get it to work. I will dance a happy jig when this longstanding problem is fixed.

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