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March 12th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

In two weeks, yours truly will once again be standing in front of a group of people to talk kink. I’ll be doing a presentation on “Submission with Dignity” at >T.E.S. Talking about submission will be easy. But I only have two weeks to get myself some dignity.

Being sexually submissive isn’t about being a wimp, or about being passive. Domination and submission, in erotic play, is like a form of dance. While one person does lead, the other person has an active role, and a challenging role. I’m hoping to help people, both men and women who come, to be better submissive partners, how to attract dominant people to play with, and how to enjoy and connect to their submissiveness more.

If you consider yourself either dominant or submissive, I invite you to send me your thoughts or questions on the matter. I’m especially interested in hearing what people look for in their submissive play partners. The brave can comment here, or the more discreet can send me email.

If you are in New York for next Tuesday, March 26th, and you’re curious, come on by. If you’re the first person to mention the website, and we haven’t met before, I’ll get you a free Nosuch shirt. Who can resist that?

Don’t answer that.

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