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March 11th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

It’s now possible to get fresh Nosuch drivel delivered direct to your email in-box. How’s about them apples?

The Nosuch Direct email list is clean and simple, perhaps too simple, just like Mr. Nosuch, except I’m not all that clean. There’s no involvement with Yahoo groups or some other dreadful ad-spewing service that goes bankrupt in two months. Just sign up and you too can receive solid proof that Nosuch posts are frequently revised after publication. Comparing the email to the web site after a day or two later can be a fun and educational game.

Don’t get any bright ideas about signing up people you don’t like so they have to suffer through my blathering either, because they’ll need to confirm the sign up. So there. I was on to you from the very start, you know.

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