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March 7th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

I want to share a few choice morsels from these pages with a distinctly unwired friend (alright, it’s my mother,) and I figured I could make good use of my commute time by printing the archives and going through them to select which ones to share with her. I’ve been meaning to make a few links to the “Best of Nosuch” anyway It’s also a good exercise in humility for me to periodically go back and read some of the crap I’ve written, no matter how painful.

It’s times like this I wish Blogger would provide an option for archive pages to be published in proper chronological order, instead of reverse chronological order. Having the front page of the site in reverse order makes sense, but having the archives in reverse order makes none. If someone is in the archives, they are either following a perma-link, and are only going to read one entry, or it’s a first time visitor trying to “catch up”. It’s annoying as hell to try and catch up with entries in reverse order. This has always bugged me, and I’ve always wanted to give visitors a “sort” button on the archives page. I know Ev is working on single-post archives in Blogger Pro, and with some scripting, issues like this can be addressed. Has anyone done this? I think with a little PHP, I could make a script to take any blogger archive page and re-render it in the correct order, but I’d hate to re-invent the wheel.

After printing one month of archives out, I realized I was going to kill a lot of trees if I printed all the archives. My site isn’t very well optimized for printing, with the generous margins and all. Instead, I saved each month to a local file, and opened them with Word, and removed the links from the side, and the title at the top. Then I moved the margins, so the text would fill the page. The whole process took about ten minutes to make one long Word file, with all the archives, ready to print.

Except for one small problem. Even after jamming in as much text per page as possible, the document was still over 330 pages.

Maybe I won’t print it all out. How much paper can I waste on people clipping their nails while riding mass transit anyway?

You can help out by just letting me know what your favorite Nosuch post is. Use email if you are shy. If you opt to remain silent, I will just assume you love all the posts. Not that I’d blame you.

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