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March 4th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

This was an indoors weekend for me. Thanks to some bug vacationing in my blood stream, I got to lie around feeling miserable from Friday night on. Today I get to come to work and feel miserable. Thank goodness for DayQuil. Now I get to be passive-aggressive and infect my coworkers, all while playing the role of the martyr. What could be better?

How about voice mail that is delivered over 36 hours late? Thanks Sprint! As I’m waiting to board the train to the Corporate Gulag, my phone starts buzzing away. Voicemail? I dutifully check, and hear that a friend who’s visiting New York has an extra night in the city, and maybe we can get together. He left the message at 4PM Saturday. It’s now 7AM Monday morning.

A postcard would have gotten to me sooner.

I was too sick to do anything, but he probably thinks I’m a prick now. Sorry, Greg.

My phone was on, in my apartment, all weekend. There’s plenty of Sprint signal strength in my apartment (unlike a lot of places in Manhattan). There is no reason why I couldn’t have been notified. It’s just Sprint has useless voicemail. Actually, it’s worse than useless, it’s harmful, because people leaving messages make the not so unreasonable assumption that their message might be delivered promptly. So I’ll have to change my voicemail message now:

“At the tone, please leave a message, but be warned that Sprint PCS voicemail is often delayed a day or more, so if your message is really urgent, please put it in a bottle, and drop it into the nearest body of water, because I’ll get it faster that way. Thanks.”

Sprint, being the wonderful company it is, has made it impossible to call them for customer service. The web site has only a sales number to call. If you want support, you can fill in a form, and someone will get back to you, via email, within 48 hours.

The day my contract expires, I will leave Sprint, because Sprint sucks.

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