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February 23rd, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Being mostly an Irishman, or at least half Irish, I have fair skin. In summer, I don’t get tan, at best I get off-white, and at worst I burn all red and crispy. In winter, I have that nice, freshly dug-out-of-the-ground paleness which the Goth kids crave.

It also isn’t so bad in the >SM scene. Especially when I have the rare skin condition dermographia.

Dermographia means I mark up really easily and dramatically, but just for a short while. A light scratch slowly turns into a raised, red weal which fades in a few minutes. It’s the cosmic connection between me and Mariah Carey.

It was never more evident than at the knife play workshop by Jack McGeorge that >T.E.S. sponsored. If running a fingernail down my back can make a red line, the metal point of a dull blade will do it, but that much better. >Conny gleefully wrote her name on my back with the point of one of Jack’s knives, and it was visible for all to see. With a sharp point, I turn into a human Etch-a-Sketch.

Conny View definition in a new window managed not to cut anything off, or slice anything open, so I’m calling the workshop a complete success. But then again, Jack McGeorge is a great teacher.

There’s two ways to play with knives. One is to deliberately cut the skin lightly, with the intent of drawing blood. That’s not what we there for. We learned how to use knives for intense stimulation without breaking the skin at all.

So, the first valuable point to know: don’t use a sharp knife. Sharp is bad, because it limits the pressure you can apply without cutting.

The goal is to use the edge, the point of the knife, and the flat of the blade to stimulate your playmate. Having a dull blade drawn across your back still has a very intense feeling, even when you know it’s dull and can’t cut you. Having a dull blade drawn across other, more sensitive areas, is also pretty powerful.

One thing Jack made really clear in his demonstrations, with the proper knife and the right technique, you can get a strong reaction out of your playmate very, very quickly.

So one more toy for the toybox and one more method to make each other nuts. A Saturday well spent.

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