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February 20th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Hypnotism and >SM: two great tastes that go great together. Or so >Conny and I learned last night at the >T.E.S. presentation on Hypnotism by Lthr Edge. There’s a fetish for everything, you quickly learn in the kink world, and hypnotism is no different. Last night a lot of people turned out to find out more. The room was packed.

The basic aspects of hypnotism were made very accessible to us. Edge outlined what is realistically attainable, and what you can and can’t do with it. He also made it clear that hypno-play takes time and patience. He was even cajoled into doing a demo, which he was reluctant to do. I’m sure he was worried about pulling it off, since it can hard enough to hypnotize someone in the best of circumstances, never mind doing it a crowded room. Luckily he picked a great subject, and soon had her in an imaginary straight-jacket. It was an impressive finale to a perfect presentation.

Conny View definition in a new window is looking forward to trying out what we learned on me. I think I’m going to be a pushover, because I’m never really quite awake as it is.

Edge was a great speaker, charming, funny, and he worked the crowd really well. Turns out he’s quite a kinky guy, into a lot of different types of play besides hypno. I wasn’t surprised to find his site is beautifully crafted, well written, very personal, and full of great kink resources. His journal will be a regular stop for me.

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