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February 19th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Remember all that chest-thumping the recording industry was doing about how Napster and their descendents were evil incarnate because they deprived the poor, suffering recording artist of their livelihoods? “I’m being robbed” cried poor Ted Nugent. “This is theft” moaned Lars Ulrich of Metallica.

And the RIAA fought hard, for the artists of course, and they crushed Napster.

Now the record labels have set up their own online music networks where people can legally download music. But it seems that the recording industry wasn’t all that worried about artists not getting paid for their work, as much as Napster was muscling in on their right to buttfuck recording artists. Turns out artists aren’t getting paid anything for the music people download on these new label-backed networks, and musicians aren’t happy about it.

There’s hope, though, that the recording companies might pay artists around $.0023 a song. Download four songs from your favorite artist, and he’s almost got another penny in his or her pocket. It’s still under consideration. Not that the artists have much say about whatever scraps the labels decide to toss them. And if you’re a new act, don’t worry, the contract has a clause in it handing over all online use of your work to the labels. Good luck getting that removed. You won’t be getting the penny.

So to all you musicians who were happy to toady up and be corporate stooges for your recording label: you are getting exactly what you deserve. For all the rest of you: form a union and get some lawyers. It’s not Napster or the likes that’s going to put you on the street, it’s your own labels.

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