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February 17th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Yay for the good guys:


In the face of recent, organized efforts to shut down BDSM-related conferences and events, the NCSF launched a new initiative this week, one that provides support to sexual minority groups under attack by radical right wing groups as The Concerned Woman for America (CWA) the American Family Association (AFA).

Kathy Valente, acting director of the Illinois chapter of Concerned Women of America, recently made incorrect statements about “My Vicious Valentine V,” an educational event that took place this weekend in Rosemont, Illinois. In a February 6th press release, Valente said that “off-duty Chicago police officers, who are sworn to uphold the law, would hire out to provide the security, allowing extremely harmful and certainly illegal behavior.” Valente also referred to the activities as “sexual torture.”

When the CWA pressured the Radisson to cancel the MVV event at their hotel, organizers had to quickly obtain conference rooms in a nearby hotel in order to hold their event. In addition, a similar event in Southfield, Michigan, “Bondage and Beyond,” scheduled for February 9-10 by two educational and social groups, was canceled after pressure from the American Family Association of Michigan.

In discussions with both media and law enforcement entities, NCSF Spokeperson Susan Wright confirmed that MVV is a legal, private event offering information and education about sexual expression for consenting adults.

“These radical fringe groups have used scare tactics and false statements of facts to try to compel local businesses and authorities to close down constitutionally-protected educational and informational assemblies on the ground that what is being taught does not adhere to their view of morally desirable behavior,” says Wright. “That is simply not acceptable in America.”

Under the new program, NCSF is advising groups on how to obtain injunctions and even money damages when right wing organizations interfere in their legal and private educational conferences and events. NCSF is also counseling groups on how to sue for defamation.

The new initiative is only part of NCSF’s ongoing efforts to use the law and the courts to advance issues of sex and sexuality, free speech and privacy rights. With these recent attacks from the radical right, our support of NCSF – a volunteer-based organization – is all the more vital! Please make a donation to NCSF – quickly and easily, via credit card or PayPal – by visiting their website.

NCSF is a great group, and I’m glad to see they are giving it right back to these intolerant and hateful groups. I can’t think of a group more deserving of kinksters support than the NCSF. If you can spare a few bucks via PayPal, go to their site and help them out. They are perhaps the only people taking a stand for the kinky way of life.

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