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February 5th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

  • Windows software makers who name their installer downloads with imaginative names like “install.exe” “sd132.exe” and “setup.exe.” I love looking through my PC download directory and trying to remember what this crap is. Last I checked, Windows has supported more than 8 characters in the filename for, oh, several years now. How much bother is it to come up with descriptive name?
  • The mail client in OS X won’t let me search my email. It will let me search my email using the index it makes on the email text, though. Problem is, I don’t want to search the index, I want to search my email. The index doesn’t do me any good when I’m searching for an IP address, because the index omits numbers. I’d love the search by index if it wasn’t my only option. Now I’m basically screwed.
  • If they can make a web browser that can ask every time a site sends a cookie, you know damn well they can make one that can ask before displaying a pop-up window. Or even better, any time a site wants to make a pop up, flash briefly a tiny little icon. Only if I click the icon does the window display. Control-clicking on the icon brings up a “Never let this domain pop up a window again” and “Always let this domain pop up windows.”
  • And let’s face it, there are about zero valid uses for any script to open a window when a browser window is closed. Let me turn that off.
  • Word processors that wrestle with you while you write. Damn it, I don’t want smart quotes right now!
  • Installers that decide to change a few settings here and there, just because. Of course they don’t tell you what they are going to do, and they certainly don’t ask.
  • Web sign up forms that ask for an email address with a check-box for “Send me crap” set by default. I think it’s safe to say most people don’t want spam.

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