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February 4th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

The American Academy of Pediatrics published a statement supporting the right of homosexuals to adopt their partners’ children. In the statement, they say

Children who are born to or adopted by one member of a same-sex couple deserve the security of two legally recognized parents.

The issue in question isn’t whether or not gay men or lesbian women should adopt, but whether they should legally be allowed to adopt the children of their current partners. Of course, some people aren’t happy about this.

Kenneth Connor, president of the Family Research Council called it “regrettable that the academy has succumbed to political correctness and has abandoned substantive research.”

In the Mercury News article about the statement, they describe the Family Research Council as being “involved with marriage and family issues.” For those of you that don’t have your secret decoder rings handy, let me decrypt that phrase for you: “conservative Christian group.” The Family Research Council, besides being worried about gay parents, is also deeply concerned about Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, so I’ll leave it to you on who might really be the ones abandoning “substantive research.”

Shame on the Mercury News for not identifying these people better. Not like that type of crap doesn’t happen all the time in the news, though.

This type of happy horseshit never fails to amaze me: here’s a group who claims to be interested in the welfare of children. But it’s clear they don’t give a crap about the kids when it comes to trying to shove their own religious agenda down everyone’s throats. The folks at the American Academy of Pediatrics are basically making a logical statement: kids are better off, legally and financially, with two parents. There is simply no way to refute this. You can argue all you want about how awful it is to have a gay parent, that’s a different issue. No matter what is done, though, there will be homosexuals with children. So this group, which claims to be interested in the welfare of kids is saying it’s better to have a single parent household with a live-in partner, than two legal parents?

The great news is the statement by the Academy of Pediatrics goes further, to say that children of homosexual parents are as well-adjusted as children of straight parents. Not a huge surprise there, since parents always screw their kids up regardless of sexual orientation. Personally I’d be more interested in a study of children of parents who practice conservative religions. Let’s check up on those kiddies and find out what state those poor little tykes are in.

I’m sure what the Family Research Council would really advocate is taking the kid away from the homosexual parent, even if the parent is a natural parent. And I’m sorry, any group or religion that advocates that has crossed a line.

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