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New York City meets Munich


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I meant to write about this little incident when it happened a few weeks ago. As we’re heading to >Midori’s New York book release party tonight, it’s brought to mind again.

The >Lady and I went to a demonstration by Jack McGeorge on doing an >SM scene at Paddles.

The presentation was very good, in spite of the distraction of Paddles’ boiler being broken, which made the place quite chilly. The turnout wasn’t huge that night, probably due to the bitter cold outside. The lecture was great, Jack is an informative and entertaining speaker.

But he gives even better demos.

Seeing as there weren’t a lot of people there, we put all the chairs away, and Jack got a volunteer. We all stood in a circle, around them, some with soft drinks, as he began to demonstrate a simple scene, from beginning to end. She stripped down to her underwear, in spite of the cold. Jack managed to take her mind off the temperature in a matter of minutes.

What he did was basic and elegant in it’s simplicity. She stood, leaning against a wall, as he started with light touches, and slowly escalated, until he was giving her a flogging.

The intensity of his focus was electric, and her reactions to the scene made it clear she was feeling it too. The room was quiet with the exception of the smack of the flogger upon her back.

It was at this moment, I looked around the room. Here was a group of perhaps twenty people, standing in quiet regard of the woman and this man. If a person from outside the scene were to enter and witness what was taking place, I think they’d be stunned. It felt like a scene out Eyes Wide Shut. Here you have this seemingly bizarre, decadent ritual taking place among the members of this secret group.

I wasn’t really taken aback by what was taking place. What surprised me was how it did not feel strange at all. It’s just a demonstration, a chance to learn something, nothing more. But for a few seconds, I was aware of just how many small steps I had taken to come such a long distance that put me in that very spot, in that very moment.

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