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New York City meets Munich

January 31st, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

For those of you readers who play >Clan Lord, and visit one of the many Red Quill sites, you’ll find the whole shebang is off the air.

The reason? VeriSign, formerly Network Solutions, refuses to release the domain. It long since expired, but they won’t resell it, and now they’ve shut it down. Nice, huh? But we all know what great guys VeriSign are.

So, as a domain, is in limbo. And because it’s being hosted as a virtual domain on the box it lives on, we can’t cheat and just slam an IP address in, otherwise I’d set up a URL for it.

Just a reminder to those clans who have registered a domain. Make sure the person in your clan who did the actually registration doesn’t wander off into the real world without transfering ownership, or you might find yourself in the same boat.

The Red Quill stuff will be back up soon, probably under a different domain. I hear it may be I’ll keep you posted.

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