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January 30th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

After I made that little remark about evolution the other day, there was a bit of a discussion. And as so often happens in these things, I get a little confused.

Luckily, I found something to help me work it all out. Now I get it.

Just remember, science is fallible, ergo it is false. The Bible is infallible, ergo it is true.

Gosh, with that firmly planted in my brain, I’m no longer besieged by all those pesty thoughts! Much quieter. Much easier.

Sorry for the sarcasm, but people who put out that kind of crap really scare the shit out of me. And when those folks like that get organized, they start trying to bring all the joys of the Taliban to the United States. Except over here, we do it “Christian Style,” mmmm doggie! Other than that, it’s not that different. Same mindset, same desire: convert the world to the “one truth.”

Those organized nutcases I’m talking about, the CWFA (“Concerned Women for America”, hows that for a misleading name? I suppose “Lunatic Jesus-Freak Housewives” didn’t have the same ring.) bullied a hotel into breaking a contract with a Chicago >SM group having an event there. You know, because we’re all ungodly freaks. The nice thing is that event organizers found another hotel that has more balls, and realizes CWFA is mostly hot air. I’d reckon that kinky people have a bit more economic clout than a bunch of stay-at-home Bible thumpers, especially when it comes to potential cash being dropped at hotels.

We read about women being pressured to wear garments that cover them from head to toe, hear about “religious police” that flog people attired in an ungodly way, and see stonings done to punish adultery. That happens in those “other” countries, right? Wonder how they got there? This is how it starts.

There’s a large gap between faith and fanaticism, belief and fundamentalism. I’m all for things spiritual, but when tolerance is being shown the door and people start trying to tell me what’s right and wrong based on some book they feel particually strong about, I want to get out my baseball bat that has the word “enlightenment” engraved on it, and start raising some consciousness.

If your book says the way I have sex is bad, good for your book. Go home and read it, and get out of my way.

I have no tolerance for intolerance. Now excuse me while I hit myself with my bat.

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