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January 28th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Due to the recent Incredibly Shrinking >Conny, we’ve got some fetish clothing which is suddenly too big and wasting valuable New York City closet space. Just the type of thing eBay is good for. If you are interested in a corset or two, or perhaps a PVC skirt, or maybe some PVC pants, take a look. Even if you don’t know anyone who could wear them, you can tuck them under your pillow and know that the lovely Conny View definition in a new window once wore it. Except the pants, she never did get to wear those.

We didn’t put up pictures of Conny in any of the stuff, we nicked images from the manufacturers. Much easier. Sorry to disappoint.

Oh, and we’re selling a bird cage too. Not that Conny’s too small for it now, just that I don’t have a bird, and it would be nice to get the thing out of my storage room. That one’s being listed in Loot, though, because there’s no way in hell I can ship a 140 pound bird cage.

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