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January 27th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Ev, the creator of Blogger, is now offering Blogger Pro, a subscription-based version of Blogger with more bells, whistles and what-not.

I took a look at the features, took a look at the price, and officially became an early adopter. Plus, I figure if I use Blogger Pro, that must mean I’m a professional blogger. I want to know if I can upgrade my Blogger t-shirt as well.

Things I like about Blogger Pro so far: posts can have titles, ability to set date and time of a post, uploading of pictures, draft posts, pinging, better performance, and (hopefully) better reliability.

Things I am looking forward to: a blog optimized search function, (right now, Atomz, the current search function, isn’t very precise in its results. You get dumped on the archive page containing the words you searched for, but not the post.) a spell checker that works on the Mac, posting via email, and better archiving.

Things I don’t like: nothing yet.

Nice work, Ev.

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