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January 26th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Little Tied Up

At last I hold in my hot little hands >Midori’s latest book The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage. I am doubly delighted to say I paid full price for it at the Union Square Barnes and Noble. Sure, I could have ordered it from Amazon and paid less. Or I could have visited Purple Passion and still gotten a better price with my T.E.S. discount. Instead, I didn’t save a dime.

It has nothing to do with Midori getting more money, since the price I pay has nothing to do with that. Nor is it my usual fiscal irresponsibility.

I call it “Kink Out.”

When elements of the >SM scene find their way into the mainstream marketplace, I feel it’s a good thing to support it. That doesn’t mean totally eschewing the local kinkster stores. For instance, I’ll doubt I’ll ever buy a corset at Victoria’s Secret, especially when Purple Passion has such selection, quality and service. But I think it’s important to spread my pervert dollars around a bit. When kinkster culture leaks out into vanilla-land, I’m going to buy me some.

The book is great, of course. Lucky me, I still have >Conny >collared, so I can use her to practice on. Not that she minds in the least. Collar View definition in a new window or not, she’s usually willing when rope is involved. Midori’s written a real “how to” book, with great illustrations and some delicious photographs. It’s going to be fun working my way from one cover to the other.

Best of all, Midori will be having a book signing party February 1st, here in New York City at the Lure. Looking at the pictures of the west coast party, I think it’ll be a good time.

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