Mistakes were made

New York City meets Munich

January 24th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Those scary zeros

She was going to tell me to keep it quiet. Hush hush. No need to make a fuss. Just between us.

But she’s more forgetful than I am, as hard as that might be to believe. She forgot to say anything.

And since I love to surprise people, I said nothing that would remind her. But there was no way I would let her birthday pass unnoticed. Especially a birthday of a certain, umm, significance, if you catch my drift. One of those milestone things. I’ll say no more, but if you press me, I’ll insist it’s her first birthday in New Jersey.

Jen is not only one of my best friends, but she’s also my boss. Arrangements were being made for a party that night, also a surprise, but I thought the embarrassment and spectacle should begin in the office. What are friends for?

Since I can never manage to get in the office before her, I had to wait for her to nip into a meeting. Then out come the balloons, the streamers, the signs. The desk is adorned, the screen saver on her computer adjusted to something more birthday-ish. The trap is set.

If only I had brought a camera to catch her expression. Priceless. It only got better later when I sprang the cake, including candles, on her. She got them all out before the halon system activated, which is a good thing.

The surprise party thrown by her friends was great, and somehow the die-hard contingent, including the hostage birthday girl pining for her bed, ended up at >Gomorroah, of all places. Wonder how that happened? Everyone enjoyed the walk on the wild side, and it was a night to remember. Except for the part where I blacked out after I got home, I don’t remember how I ended up sleeping on the couch until the sun came up. Clearly, I’ve gotten out of practice with my drinking, because I’m slipping.

In this circumstance, you do not want to discover that you are out of aspirin. Seems >Conny took the bottle with us when we went to Munich, and in Munich it stayed. So me and my brain-busting hangover did the commute together. I made sure to sit away from other people, so my moaning wouldn’t bother anyone.

And now you know why there’s no entry for yesterday.

MJD shows us his breasts.

And Jen’s not the only person having a milestone birthday. >MJD is officially no longer a kid today. Happy birthday to my ace-boy, and I wish I were in Bermuda right now to get you sick as a dog on rum swizzles. I’m sure he’s cooking up something good right now, just like in this shot of him here showing off his breasts. Such a tease.

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