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New York City meets Munich

January 20th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized


There’s always a good reason not to sit in front of a computer. Today’s excuse was going to the Extreme Beauty exhibit at the MET. >MJD was raving about it, and it sounded like something >Conny and I would enjoy.

Seeing as we’re into a bit of semi-extreme beauty ourselves, it seemed appropriate to dress for the occasion. One of the recent corsets we got for Conny View definition in a new window was for her to wear under her regular clothing. The plan is for me to lace her up when it’s her turn to be collared.

It’s always best to give such ideas a trial run out of the context of a scene. We knew the trip to the museum wouldn’t be that long, so we gave it a go. I laced her up, and the effect was deliciously subtle under her top. But don’t take my word for it.

The exhibit reminded me of two other exhibits that FIT had, one on shoes, and one on corsets. The Extreme Beauty exhibit was sort of a Reader’s Digest version of what I had seen at FIT. It was also a much more crowded version. I’d still recommend it, though. Just go during the week when it’s not mobbed.

The bonus for us was the private knowledge of what Conny was wearing. It’s also the first time she wore a corset on the subway and on a bus. Who says corsets and mass transit can’t work together. Not only did we get to see a great exhibit at the museum, we got to experiment more with something we love: corseting. And the experiment was a big success.

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