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Take an interest in online communities, add some programming and web development skills, and top it off with a strong interest in all things kinky, and maybe, just maybe, there’s a way to make some money with it…

My hearts desire is to build a great online game world, but a lot of energy and time need to be sunk into the engineering before testing can begin, never mind any income.

I am strongly motivated to become self-employed as soon as possible, and doing that as a game developer isn’t realistic in a short time frame. Even in a longer time frame, it’s still a gamble. A gamble I’ll be willing to take at some point, but right now, I need something a bit more certain.

But I promised myself that each step I take now should be to follow what I love and what I believe in. And the best combination of that right now is to enter the wacky, wild world of running an adult oriented site.

So the real question is, can I offer a good quality product, serve the kink community, and do it with integrity and ethics?

I’m not talking about the fly-by-night, banner-ad covered, exit console throwing sleaze sites that charge money to see 10 pictures taken straight from Usenet. I want to be proud of what I do, and to offer a site and a community that can be fun and help people, as well as being damn hot.

It’ll start small and focuses, and grow in sustainable stages. Quality original content, as well as excellent usability, will be the goals. The plan is to charge for access to the media galleries, but a lot of other content and resources will be freely available. It’ll be a place for a kinky person to bring his or her curious partner to see, to learn and explore without being hit in the face by aggressive sleaze.

That’s the plan anyway. Back to coding…

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