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No matter what anyone might tell you, do not believe that dealing with a Windows PC is on par with dealing with a Mac. Sure, for day to day stuff, there’s little functional difference for a familiar user of each platform. The gaps start to show when you deal with installing and configuring software. Gaps become huge yawning chasms when it comes to hardware and multimedia.

We tried to install a firewire camera to Conny View definition in a new window’s Powerbook G3, one of the first powerbooks with firewire. It worked great, except the picture had a lot of noise, which turns out to be a known incompatibility with the chipset in the early models of that laptop. Yes, it stinks, but I got my definitive answer to the problem quickly. All the software worked with it, QuickTime could deal with it, but the hardware incompatibility makes the picture look like a detuned UHF channel.

So one purchase of a firewire PCI card for my Dell later, I got to see what the same task I just did on a Mac would be like a PC.

Ugly. Painful. Confusing. Complicated.

I did finally get it to work, but only after being reminded again and again that software quality on the PC, from a usability standpoint, averages way below the Mac. When I download shareware or freeware for the Mac, rarely am I confronted with something so buggy or so dreadful to use that it warrants immediate deletion. This is a regular occurrence for me on the PC side of things. And to make matters worse, once you install a piece of shitty software, it frequently scars your OS , changing registry settings and adding crap you don’t want. Sometimes you can never get the machine to be the same way again.

Pound for pound, Windows generates more aggravation than a Mac. And while I’ve had a Mac infuriate me, you really need Windows for brain-busting apoplectic techno-grief.

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