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Network Pollutions

Once upon a time, there was only one company where you could register a domain: Network Solutions. Network Solutions had a temporary, government granted monopoly for domain registration in the U.S. Since then, the domain registration business has opened up to competition. But for a few years, there was only one company to deal with. One very, very bad company.

I’ve read many horror stories about numerous bad things that Network Solutions have done in bungling the registration and renewal of domains. I personally had to jump through hoops when my first bad hosting company didn’t transfer my technical information correctly when I moved to Pair to get my domain information fixed. It was a huge pain in the ass.

But Network Solutions, now VeriSign, is not just horrible with customer service, they are also sleazy. They send “invoices” for domain renewal for $70. An invoice implies I owe money. I don’t owe money unless I want to renew. They send these not only by email, but by regular mail as well. “Amount now due: $70.”

If you read the fine print, this renews the domain for 2 years, at $35 a year. If you also have a clue, you might know that $35 for domain registration is a bit expensive.

It gives me great joy to stop dealing with a sleazy company. Now as each domain comes due, I simply transfer it to my hosting company, who has their own service now. It costs $15 a year. I would much rather give my money to a great company that offers solid service and doesn’t try to trick me with sneaky invoices.

Bye bye, VeriSign.

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