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January 7th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

El Presidente

My lovely lady has enjoyed burning a few hours tinkering with her Sims, so for Christmas, I thought she’d enjoy graduating up to Tropico. After all, why micromanage a family when you can run an island nation.

Turns out this was a gift more for myself than her. What a dangerous time-sink that game is. Tons of fun, and addictive as hell.

I’m probably the luckiest geek guy alive to not only have a geek girlfriend who likes computer games as much as I do, she really enjoys watching me play. So when we get a neat game, like Tropico, she’ll nudge me to play it, so she can watch. How sweet is that?

“Oh, alright, I guess I’ll play…”

But we’ve found that as much as she enjoys watching Tropico, it also tends to put her to sleep. I guess it’s like watching a fish tank. Problem is, we get set up in bed, I start playing, in less than 30 minutes she’s asleep. Four hours later, I finally manage to free myself from the games evil clutches. Then I lie awake for the next hour as my brain works on what to do next.

Evil, evil software. But fun.

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