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New York City meets Munich

January 6th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Technology bites

One thing I brought back from Munich that didn’t take up any precious luggage space was OS X on my laptop. I had no inclination to put that bloated pig of an OS on my antique 292/G3 Powerbook until I sat next to a guy on the train ride home with that exact arrangement. When he showed me how slick doing PHP and web development on your own Apache server running on your laptop can be, I was hooked. He did warn me it was a little slow.

“A little slow” is a little understatement. OS X is a pig on my Powerbook. Even with oodles of RAM, it’s like a beautiful, shiny slug. Classic applications are torture to use. But, the purpose of the conversion was to do some PHP development for a pending project, and for that, it’s pretty damn nice. If I stick to Carbon applications, it’s not so bad. I miss Outlook Express though.

Having unix on my laptop is kind of keen, even if it comes at a small cost.

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