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New York City meets Munich

January 2nd, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Oh the places we’ll see

Yes, there’s been much drinking and socializing here in Munich. Once in awhile, though, inspiration hits and we get out and do the tourist thing!

One big spur of the moment treat was the Circus Krone. It’s full of people doing insanely dangerous things. I remember being a kid and seeing aerial acrobatics and finding them amusing. Now I just cringe and gasp, because I’m convinced something bad will happen. Perhaps this is good measure of advancing cynicism.

The circus was pretty peppy, with people flying through the air, elephants and horses, and some snarling lions too. This was the first circus I’ve seen with a crocodile tamer, though. He hauled these crocs out, like so much luggage, and plopped them down at various spots in the ring, including one at the feet of people ring side. Most of them seemed to be in a trance, but they would wake up and start roaming, and he’d do some mojo with his hands, and they’d (generally) mellow out. It was impressive. I wish I had a video of the people who had the croc at their feet though. When the tamer first brought it over, a woman grabbed her kid and started to make a run for it…

The Munich Science Museum (ok, it’s called Deutsches Museum, but I’m calling it what it really is) was a fun way to kill a few hours. >Conny got first dibs on pushing the various buttons of different displays, but much like American Museums, a lot of times the buttons didn’t do anything. We travelled through the lengthy mining exhibit, which was kind of like industrial Disneyland, except no cool rides.

I got to stand in line at a bank during the big Euro cut over. Boy, am I glad I don’t work in a European bank right now. What’s amazing are the nitwits who stand in line to withdraw 50 euros from their checking account, when any one of the several, unused ATMs in the front lobby, can do precisely the same thing. Conny View definition in a new window explained that people are often leery of technology here, but I’d be more leery of standing in line for thirty minutes. We were there to get US dollars, by the way, so we were stuck. Conny also deposited all her German marks into her account, but we were left with a bunch of change that could only be accepted in a special machine. A machine with a long line in front of it. A machine that was frequently malfunctioning. So the rest of the day we tried to figure out ways to spend the DM coins. For the most part, we had success, since most stores will take both currency for a short time.

Speaking of spending, of course we did some shopping too. I took advantage of the strong dollar to buy myself some shoes, and a warm winter jacket, both desperately needed. I also couldn’t help myself and got Conny a nice long winter coat, and some gorgeous leather boots which go to the knee. The boots are deliciously elegant, and stylish, and in a pinch, can be used as very low-key fetishwear. What could be better? We also replaced one of Conny’s corsets, the PVC one, because she’s become too little to wear it. The one we got last year was a little big when we got it, but now it’s just pointless for her to wear because it’s so loose, so we got her the same make in a smaller size from the same shop. The old one is now eBay bound.

The big problem looming ahead, with all these acquisitions: packing. Ugh.

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