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New York City meets Munich

January 1st, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

In with a bang

What a headache. Happy New Hangover.

I learned last night that the long established American notion that legal fireworks and public drinking are bad is basically false. Even when done together. Even when done in excess. Even when done in excess together. Very few fingers were blown off, and the ones that were blown off were people we didn’t know, and it was done in a festive and entertaining way.

There’s a longstanding New Year’s tradition in Munich. Sometime before midnight, though the real pyromaniacs set out early, like 10 AM, people head outside and find a good spot to light some not minor and not quiet fireworks. The idea is to set them off at midnight, but who can wait? Also in hand is a bottle of prosecco or champagne to be opened at just the right time. Again, the idea is to open it at midnight, but exceptions have been known to occur.

Our small group headed to a public square which had been closed off for just such festivities. It was like a happy-go-lucky war zone, with things whistling and banging overhead. Every now and then a consumed rocket would fall a foot or two away, or even land on your coat if you are fortunate like I was. At midnight things really escalated, with even more fireworks going off and bottles being opened. Glasses would be cumbersome when you are standing outside in the cold, so we came prepared with a few bottles and it’s chug chug chug pass it along.

After the pyrotechnics, our group shuffled back to >Conny’s parents for more New Year’s hospitality. It wasn’t until 5 AM that our collective resolve weakened and we broke up and headed home.

Hello January 1st. Munich knows how to bring in the New Year.

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