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New York City meets Munich

December 28th, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Herr Der Ringe

We’ve got our tickets for “Lord of the Rings,” which we picked up last night. We see it later today. From everything I hear about it, should be a big waste of time. (I’m kidding. Put the sword/axe/bow and arrow down.)

Advantages to seeing Lord of the Rings in Munich

  • Cheap! $5 instead of $10 in New York

  • Polite, considerate, audience who do not engage in loud conversations with people next to them, or on their cellphones, or with the people on the screen.

  • Reserved seats (and we got good ones.)

  • Advertisements before the show are in German, so I can’t understand them.

  • Beer served in theatres

Disadvantages to seeing Lord of the Rings in Munich

  • Theatre isn’t as comfy as New York City theatres.
  • Popcorn has sugar on it instead of salt.
  • Beer served in theatres (this is a three hour movie we’re talking about.)

And no, we’re not seeing it in German. The theatre is this art house place that shows “original versions.”

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