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It’s not perfect, but Spamcop is pretty satisfying. I’ve been using their service for awhile now, and I have to say, I like it.

They are in the process of a big change from metered (by bandwidth) to flat rate billing, and also simplifying the service. Once they are done with that, I think I’d have to endorse them pretty strongly to anyone who gets a lot of spam.

The system does error on the safe side. It lets a tiny bit of spam through, but so far has never flagged a real message. It also makes reporting the spam that does get through insanely easy. And every time you report spam, the system gets a wee bit smarter.

I get a lot less email now, and in a good way. What’s nice is when I visit the Spamcop web page every two or three days to review the spam that was caught in the net. It’s kind of like changing an air filter. You pull it out, and look at all the junk that’s in there, and say “Eeeeeeeewwwww!” Unlike the air filter example, all I have to do is click a button that says “Delete all” and it’s clean again.

When, after two days of getting almost no spam, I do this process and find twenty spams caught, I am glad I signed up. And no, I’m just a customer of these guys, I don’t get commission. I just hate spam.

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