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New York City meets Munich

December 3rd, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Meet the Parent

The first anniversary of >Conny’s visit to New York, the visit that turned friendship into romance, is soon upon us. This one less obvious advantage to blogging: documentation. The primary user of that search button on this page is me.

It seems about time to take the girl to meet the family. Especially since my tickets to Munich in two weeks are non-refundable. I figure no matter how poorly things go, she’ll eventually feel badly about me camping on her porch, and she’ll let me in. Or she’ll call the police. But it’s a chance I’m willing to take. So we rented a car and late Friday afternoon, began our journey through traffic and weather to the place where I really grew up: Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Like all good post-modern families, my family moved around a bit. I was born in New York City, but since then lived in Ohio and Westchester County, New York before my parents settled down for a stretch in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. Those of you who are boned up on obscure New England geography might be thinking “Hey, wait a second, Mattapoisett isn’t on Cape Cod.” You’re right. I tell people I grew up on Cape Cod for the same reason as person in Westchester County says they live in New York City: it’s a simplification for the uninitiated. Embarrassment and shame are almost insignificant factors in this geographical generalization. Almost. Mattapoisett is very close to Cape Cod, and is also lucky enough to be close to New Bedford, a place that has a knack of getting in the news every now and then.

My mother now lives on the Cape proper, in Brewster, with my older brother Jess and his wife Marcia. My older sister, her boyfriend and her two daughters live only a short drive from my Mom’s. It’s safe to say Cape Cod is family territory, and I was taking Conny View definition in a new window deep behind the line. Conny’s met my sister and her kids, but that’s not the same as bringing the girl home to Mom.

Conny got the full dose. Friday night we stayed in Mattapoisett to visit my friend Paul and his wife Beth. Saturday it was time to meet Mom and my brother and his wife. On Sunday, we had a full house when my sister dropped by with my two nieces to celebrate my birthday. The only bad thing about the trip was the lack of time, so everything was hugely abbreviated. Not enough time with Paul and Beth, not enough time with my sister my nieces, not enough time with my Mom, not enough time to show Conny much of the Cape. But, we will go back soon.

We got home late Sunday. Monday, the girl was on a plane back to Munich.

The farewell wasn’t difficult, since I’ll see her in two weeks. With work, preparations for the holiday, and the piles of neglected bills and paperwork, I have no doubt the two weeks will fly by

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