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November 28th, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized

The Real War

What’s the real enemy here? Zealotry. Fanaticism. People who believe in something so strongly that they have a divine right to use any means necessary to get others to see the light. It doesn’t matter that those people live in a different country or have different beliefs. Having different beliefs is part of the problem to these holy warriors, who fight, kill and die in the name of the “one truth”.

How does this happen? How can a whole country go mad? It starts from something so innocent: written words meant to guide the faithful along a noble path. Some how a few people can take those words, and twist them into a license to advance an agenda of power, and control. Never mind that these actions done are clearly at odds with the values outlined in the same revered words which are supposedly being represented. Emboldened by apparent popular support among their own people, these lunatics feel compelled and justified to use violence and terror against anything perceived as evil. Of course, the citizenry follows along, carefully manipulated by their beliefs, sincerely and devoutly thinking their leaders are acting in the right.

Countries don’t suddenly go insane. It happens in small steps. Like the little frog sitting in the pot of water heating up on the stove, the people in these places cannot sense the gradual change. By the time the signs are obvious, its too late. You’re cooked.

So whether the bogeyman is western influence or terrorism, whether it’s Allah being praised or the almighty dollar, or whether its the Koran or the Constitution being perverted, extremism is the true peril. We are not so different from our declared enemy, and our real enemy may be ourselves.

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