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November 27th, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized

No dance remixes of the Imperial March, please

>Conny informed me I better write about what happened on last Saturday night, because she’s been getting lots of questions about what ended up happening.

For those who missed the earlier episode of as the Kinky Blog Turns, my good lady was going to brave a little bit of >SM play at Paddles, on the >bottom, though, instead of her usual >top. Basically, instead of being the spanker, she was going to be the spankee.

What makes this a big deal is she’s never really played on the bottom in public before. She’s been >collared in public, but we’ve never really played. But, she was ready, and willing to give it a try, so we packed the toybag and headed out.

Of course, when we bring our friends to Paddles to show them a bit of the scene, on more than one occasion the place has been somewhat dead. So, wouldn’t it figure that the one time we want the place to be on the quiet side, instead the joint is jumping. At least there was plenty to look at while we waited for the quiet nook we wanted to use to become available.

Conny View definition in a new window had to decline on not one, but two foot massage offers while we waited. There’s one fellow who is almost always there on the weekends, and he almost always asks. This, in itself, is fine. What’s a shame is that if that same guy actually spent a bit of time talking to us, and we got to know him, we’d be a hell of a lot more inclined to take up his offer. Seeing as he’s a regular, I would think it would be worth his time to actually get to know the other regulars. Instead, the only thing we’ve ever heard him say is “Would you like a foot massage?” It seems a lot of foot guys tend towards the obsessive, which actually makes it harder for them to get what they want. Yet another case of life demonstrating that often the harder you chase something, the more elusive it becomes.

We didn’t have to wait long to get our nook. Soon I had my love blindfolded, devoid of most of her clothing, and secured to the wall. Here’s what we learned:

  • The wrong music during a scene can be really distracting, especially when the music is really loud, which was true in the spot we were playing
  • Paddles really, really needs to fix the doorway where you enter the main club, because it slams very loudly, especially from where we were. Conny said it was like playing next to a construction site.
  • Not only is bottoming in public different, so is topping. I know that’s an obvious statement, but Saturday night helped me appreciate it even more.
  • Our little scene was fine, and doing it in the club wasn’t a big deal for Conny in the end. What was a problem for her was the level of distractions, from the music and the noise.

It was a worthwhile night, both fun and educational. We’ll try it again on another night, maybe early Friday night when it’s a bit quieter. And we’ll definitely pick another spot in Paddles to play. While our selected nook had a bit of privacy, it was just too noisy for Conny.

Of course, when Conny played with me in that spot, I didn’t notice any of that stuff, but I’m so easy on the bottom it’s almost embarrassing. Or maybe the music was better then. Yeah, that’s it. Better music.

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