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November 26th, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Common Blog Mistakes

A very personal list.

  • Archiving weekly with Blogger instead of monthly, because it makes the archive index fill up faster, but it backfires horribly after six months, especially when the archive links are on the main page. Score extra for switching to monthly later on, and breaking all inbound links.

  • Thinking that the person you just wrote a scathing rant about will never find your blog. This especially includes co-workers, bosses, spouses and/or dates and family.

  • Not enough white space. Not enough punctuation. Not enough capital letters.

  • Actually being surprised that some people use the comment system as a stage for their own mental illness.

  • Being dumb enough to post a working email address for spam-bots to harvest. Ugh.

  • Not realizing that posting regularly actually takes a fair amount of effort and commitment. It gets harder, not easier, with time, generally.

  • Writing true confessions on your blog at 3AM after a heavy bender. Bonus points for vomiting on the keyboard while posting.

  • Writing about something without bothering to find a good link or two to provide background information. On the flip side, pinching links to stuff without crediting where you found it.

  • Using a third-party comments system, under the hugely optimistic notion that “this one won’t go down like all the others before it.”

  • Flash. ’nuff said.

  • Kidding yourself that frames actually work well on your blog, even though you know how much they suck everywhere else.

  • Deciding to be “broadband-savvy” and quadrupling the load time of your site with excessive use of irrelevant photographs.

  • Posting while mad. Posting while upset. Posting while heavily medicated.

  • Jamming as many links, polls, and other distracting and useless user widget geegaws into the sidebar that can possibly fit. Extra credit for linking to third-party hosted gizmos that hork the load time.

  • Using a dubious free hosting company that assaults readers with pop-up ads for X-10 wireless cameras that are so aggressive they manage to show up on the microwave oven.

  • Designing a blog so fragile that it only looks right on your own browser, and no one elses. Deluxe version of this mistake is to scold people who bother to bring this defect to your attention.

  • Telling other people how to do their blogs.

Oh, and I’ve done most of these myself. Especially the last one.

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