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November 23rd, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Fall Cleaning

I took out my virtual broom and swept up around here. The links have been watered and pruned, and we’ve got a few new ones, and yanked a few that went to places covered in dust. For instance, Jazz’s “Jazz: the Ongoing Saga>Clan Lord site is back up. I think the ongoing saga has less to do with Clan Lord on more to do with Jazz finding a hosting arrangement that lasts more than a month.

I’m trying to get my hands on the old discussions that were done with now defunct Blogvoices. I’d like to have them for historical reasons, so that new visitors could see what was said, instead of just getting a broken link. >Conny may also be nice enough to let me put up excerpts from her old web journal that I used to link to extensively. Right now, a lot of older entries are suffering from bad link rot, and I’d like to fix it without just yanking all the broken links.

I’ve also added a gallery page, that indexes all the picture and special pages I’ve added. This is in preparation of yet another new picture page that’s about to go up. Don’t worry, no new pictures of my bruised ass, or even unbruised ass. Though, you might find me dressed up for Halloween or for >Gomorrah even more scary. I’ll let you decide.

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