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According to my food poisoning checklist, >Conny and Jeff seem to have made it through the dinner I cooked unscathed. I can’t take all the credit for preparing the meal, since I had a lot of great suggestions from readers and friends, and Conny View definition in a new window put in a fair share of labor as well. She even made a delicious tiramisu for dessert before I was even out of bed.

I cooked the turkey upside down for the first hour. I kept the turkey wrapped in foil for all but the last part of the cooking time, though I opened it up every half hour to baste it with some oil. I also stuffed the bird with onion and lemon wedges, as well as a bunch of garlic cloves and some sage. Yes, I cheated and cooked the stuffing separately. The goal of this exercise was to produce a passable meal without a huge amount of effort or talent, since I’m too lazy to make the effort, and certainly lack the talent.

In spite of this, we managed to have a delicious, moist turkey. In addition, we had stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, carrots, and asparagus sauteed with garlic. Amazingly, none of it sucked, and some of it was pretty good.

And, except having a shitload of turkey meat from a twelve pound bird, and that’s including that I’m totally inept at carving the thing, we didn’t have oodles of leftovers either. I hope Nibbles the hamster likes turkey.

Having Conny >collared for the holiday also had one nice side benefit: someone to diligently do dishes. She would have done it without the collar View definition in a new window, but with the collar on her, it’s certainly more fun.

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